Moments With Mairead

Turkey Mural

Turkey is a locally owned gift shop that has eclectic gifts, including handmade art and jewelry, apothecary, plants, and other holistic things.

You can visit this mural in person on 99th and Walden Parkway in Chicago. The mural is painted on the back of the building.

I met the owner of Turkey, Amy Kaskie, shortly before the store opened. Amy is filled with golden energy and is an all around inspirational person. Turkey was a place I knew I wanted to be involved with. I worked at the store upon it opening. The space itself consistently smells of Palo Santo and will uplift your energy.

Shortly after working at Turkey, Amy and I began talking about how we need to give the back wall a face lift. The wall faces the Metra tracks, which gets a lot of foot traffic. Amy had no guidelines. Our main goal was to attract eyes and peak interest.

That was all I had to go off of! I picked out a color palette and Amy instantly approved. I really did not have a specific plan for what I was going to paint. I felt that was kind of necessary for this situation. I had all my favorite colors and no guidelines, I just painted from my gut.

The result was a bath of warm sunshine. To me, it feels like I brought the softness from the inside of Turkey and splashed it on the outside. The T and feathers is just enough for someone to recognize, “Turkey”!

I had so much fun with this piece. I am so so thankful for Amy, for her support and openness. Also, thankful for all the people that stopped by while I was painting, that’s my favorite part of painting a mural - interacting with the public.

Below are detailed photos of the mural as well as a before photo. Check the mural out for yourself and stop into Turkey where my artwork is also on display for purchase.