Moments With Mairead

Pilsen Mural

My first mural, but certainly not my last.

This mural was commissioned by the owner of the apartment complex.  You can see it in person at 18th and Throop in Chicago.

I completed this mural predominately using a small palette knife. The palette knife gave me the ability to make a ripple effect with the paint, which I always enjoy doing. Occasionally, I would use a brush to splash paint down or to cover more surface. 

I finished the mural in the span of a week. The hot summer air brought a lot of people outside and I was painting right across from a skate park so there was always a lot of activity. This is what I loved most about painting in a public area. It was a very raw and almost vulnerable experience. As people passed by, some would stop and talk to me or some would simply comment on the painting and continuing walking on. One kid riding on his bike stopped and talked for awhile. Not only five minutes later I was handing him a brush and he was painting along side me (he wrote the word "Pilsen").

To my surprise, working in the public eye made me loosen up and be more free with the painting. I was able to be inspired by the people walking by and simultaneously encouraged by the old neighbors. Pilsen, you treated me well and I'm happy I got to splash your streets with my abstract faces.