Moments With Mairead

The Keaty Mirrors

Since I have begun painting on mirrors, it has been an enjoyable and unexpected journey. One of the most pleasing surprises along the way has been this collaboration with the Keaty Family.

The Keaty’s are a dynamic duo of parents with three energetic boys. The mom approached me with the idea of having five individual mirrors with each of their faces painted on it. It was like a modern, abstract twist to a family portrait; I loved it!

The goal was to fill their empty dining room wall. We picked a color scheme we wanted to stick to and discussed what kind of mirrors to use. It didn’t take too long to find the mirrors and then the creative process could get moving. Since my style is very gestural and abstract, I don’t usually start out with a person in mind that I’m going to paint. But since these portraits were to be based off of the family it added a unique challenge to the painting process.

I started by creating and finalizing a gestural portrait of each person and then I transferred that idea to the mirror. I painted the parents on the bigger two mirrors, which are both antique wood framed. The boys are painted on the smaller mirrors situated in the middle of the wall. They are all gold framed, two of them were antique dresser trays; while the other one is an art deco framed mirror. Although all of the mirrors do not match entirely, they still work and flow together. Just like we are not all the same but we hold together in our own special way.

When I installed the mirrors and hung them up on the wall, it was such a good feeling. As a painter, sitting over a painting and going over layer after layer is a process in and of itself. Once you situate the paintings in their home and see them all come together, it feels like a major accomplishment. I’m so thankful for the Keaty family, for trusting me and embarking on this creative adventure with me.

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