Moments With Mairead

Capsule Mural

Capsule is a locally owned women's boutique on the Southside of Chicago.

You can visit this mural in person on 99th and Walden Parkway.

The owner of the store commissioned me to create this mural with the goal of adding some color and life to the interior of the shop. The idea was to have free-flowing shapes that would make your eye move throughout the store. This was a collaborative experience between me and the owner - me bringing her creative vision to life. 

I was inspired by watercolor paintings. I aimed to create dimension by overlapping the colors, lines, and shapes. To be honest, it was extremely difficult to achieve the look of a watercolor painting when all you have to work with is a vertical surface. I had to be very strategic when I came in contact with the wall. I encountered some challenges, such as paint running down the wall undesirably. This mural was finished with many different layers and lots of sponges.

The organic shapes flowing in and out of the fitting rooms make the mural feel interactive in a way. This was such an enjoyable project and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you to Maura for this opportunity! Below you can find detailed photos of the Capsule Mural.