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Beautiful Mirror

beautiful mirror

Objects in This Mirror are More Beautiful Than They Appear

The statement is simple. We see it in a similar manner on cars: “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” This is meant to be a form of direction or a warning. Now a days, cars are so smart that they have a blinking light to indicate when an object is too close to your vehicle. Unfortunately, our human minds are not programmed that way. A beeping noise does not signal when we are speaking negatively about ourselves. There are no signals to tell us, “hey, knock that off you’re doing just fine!” or “you look good today.”

We were on our way home from Wisconsin, hour whatever of our six hour road trip when the idea came upon me. I was looking in the mirror, digesting the phrase that was imprinted on it. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” I’ve looked into numerous mirrors and just stood there as my mind filled with countless thoughts. Some negative and some positive, mostly negative. But not then, not while we were driving. As the road blurred passed, all I was focused on was the idea of writing on a mirror. Why can’t I place directions on a mirror? Why can’t I offer some type of solace to those lost in their reflection?

In that moment it all made sense, “objects in this mirror are more beautiful than they appear.” The phrase just flowed through me; like it slipped through the crack of the open window right into my mind. This phrase has the power to act as a positive affirmation. As it is written on a mirror, it applies to ALL that read it. It has the power to shift our negative, self depreciating thoughts and turn them into positive ones. It is a reminder to be kind to ourselves; to love and speak to ourselves as we would speak to someone else.

As much as this phrase is simple, it is equally deep. It implies that we are more beautiful than our physical appearance. Our minds are what make us beautiful; our thoughts are what make us unique. There is no way to judge our own complexity. We cannot see ourselves through the eyes of someone else. Therefore, we cannot comprehend how “beautiful” we really are. Sure we can scrutinize our reflection, but that isn’t even the view people are seeing! People literally see the opposite of what we see when looking in a mirror. So, let’s try something new: speaking only kind things when in front of a mirror. Let’s try to remind ourselves that we are much more than a physical reflection and we are in fact more beautiful than any eyes can see.

Thank you for reading this blog post, it is a special one to me.

If you are interested in owning a Beautiful Mirror please reach out to me. I can find you your own special mirror and your space can be filled with all the positive vibes.