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Unique Faces - Stamped Tops

Individually Carved Stamps Make Wearable Art

What's the deal with these tops that all seem a little different?

When I started expanding my art practice into wearable art I began with the classic screen printed t-shirt. They were very well received and I am really pleased with how the design turned out. You can shop the first top, Three Faces, here and the second, Gangs All Here, here. I printed these both in a very small quantity because I wanted them to be limited edition and also I'm not all about mass producing things.

I really appreciate products that are solely created by the maker, ones where you can still see the process. The authentic touch seemed to get lost in the screen printing process. The shirts came out so perfect (I'm not complaining). And while I appreciate a good graphic tee, I wanted my wearables to feel a little more handmade, a little more unique.

This led me to block printing.

I began carving my own stamps, printing them on fabric with permanent ink, and sealing them with heat. Through this process, I discovered that by using the same stamp I can still achieve many different designs. Sometimes the ink appears more opaque from one top to the next. The final product appears somewhat worn in and vintage. Even if I do use the same stamp to produce the same design, the final top is unique and different - just like each one of us. 

My goal for these stamped tops is to make a product that is unique for each individual. There's a very rare chance that you would stumble into somebody wearing the same shirt. And in a society that mass produces almost everything, I am thrilled about this! 

These tops are for the doers, the adventurers, the ones who don't mind to stand out, and the ones who appreciate creativity.

Right now these tops are only available in black, stamped with white ink. They are all unisex and sizes range from adult small to adult extra-large. As I continue to grow, I will be introducing different colors and sizes. The shirts themselves are 100% cotton, soft to the touch, and dangerously comfy.

On the online store, you can shop five different stamped shirts. Each one has different variants. If you don't see your size or if you have an idea of your own, please reach out, I want to collaborate with you!

ALSO, I am open to creating custom t-shirt orders. Maybe you want one of every stamp on a top, who knows! No judgement, everything is an open book! Reach out!

Mairead Zigulich