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A Look Into My Studio

Behind The Art: A Look Into My Studio

Here's a glimpse into my studio as I would walk into it any given day. This post is now somewhat nostalgic to me, because I will be moving out of my parents house and leaving this studio space behind.

I want this introduction to be mostly about the photos because that's the only way I can justify this sunlit private studio. So, flip through and enjoy the fun facts. Also, please note these photos were not all taken on the same day that's why some things have shifted and canvases have disappeared.

This room has gone through many transitions - countless layers of paint on the walls, lots of different beds, many humans in and out. The room, which is located in the home that I grew up in, was my two older brothers. I remember it being navy blue with a set of bunk-beds in the corner. Then it was converted to an office space and guest room - one bed with lavender walls.

One day, I convinced my parents that I should take over the space. This room in the corner of the house was always considered "the best". It gets a LOT of sun light and not to mention it has an attached bathroom - how convenient.

When I first claimed this room, the terms "princess" and "spoiled" were definitely thrown around by the older brothers (I have three by the way). I first used this room as my bedroom and would only paint in the tiny bathroom. Once all my brothers moved out, I moved my bedroom to the basement and used this room solely as an art studio.

When I still slept in this room my bed took up most of the living space. So, I would actually paint in the bathroom. All of my paints would be in there and I would hang the canvas on that tiny wall or on the floor if it didn't fit. Having to work in this tiny space wasn't the worst; I actually enjoyed it, it was very intimate.

The floors have taken to it nicely, I think they look better with paint on them. However, my parents didn't agree so much. The agreement was the floors had to be cleaned before I moved out. So, just the other day I was on my hands and knees scrubbing with an S.O.S pad. Oh, how things come full circle!

It can be challenging to have a studio where others live and sleep. To avoid feeling bothered, hemmed in, or any such thing, it's important to make the space your own. Let it absorb you and leave you undisturbed by the outside world.

Give it personality and surround yourself with positive things. I do this by working in the company of dozens of plants, burning Palo Santo, never putting the shades down, and always having background music. 

I believe having the right atmosphere increases creativity and inspiration.

The energy of the space I work in inevitably influences my work. The space naturally evolves over time. Especially for me, I am routinely changing the room around - taking out nails, putting my desk in various positions, moving plants around, etc.! And light! Having natural sunlight in my workplace is SO important to me. Because it naturally warms the environment (visually that is), it kisses any space so nicely, and it's constantly changing.

I wish I could take this sunny studio wherever my feet go, but that is unrealistic. Instead, I am finding excitement moving into a new, unknown place and turning it into something entirely different; making it my own.

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All images by Mairead Zigulich.