Moments With Mairead


Mood Chart Explained

Emotions are not simple by any means. Our minds are complex things that are constantly working. There are an abundant amount of emotions that we experience. My goal for this piece was to name the emotions and pair them with a visualization of what that emotion tends to look like.  It is my way of simplifying the emotion on my own terms. Labeling it and being able to see that emotion on paper maybe makes it a little more bearable, a little more tangible and a lot less intimidating.

The intent is to quiet your mind, pause for a moment, and embrace what you are feeling - whatever that may be. 

We live in a world that is all about constant stimulation. Our minds work at a fast pace for the majority of the day. We go from moment to moment, sometimes completely detached. When this happens our emotions so commonly get pushed to the side or ignored in order to complete the next task on the oh so long to do list.

I believe our mental health is just as important as our physical health. This print is a reminder to check in with ourselves and feel whatever you may be feeling at that very moment. It is a reminder that it is OK to not feel OK. The key is to not suppress our emotions but to embrace them. For if we suppress them, they just grow stronger. Our bodies are magical things that give us clues to how we are feeling all of the time. Simply pausing for three minutes and going inward makes for a more peaceful mind. And when our mind is at ease we are able to give more and do more for ourselves and for others. 

Hang this print wherever it is convenient for you and give yourself a moment to feel.

Mairead Zigulich