Moments With Mairead



Moments With Mairead Introduces Wearable Art

I decided that it wasn’t enough to explore the idea of the self in relation to beauty through acrylic on canvas. I wanted it to be something the viewer could interact with, something they could make their own. The original viewer of any work of art now becomes the wearer - they become a contributing factor that makes it a work of art.

I aim to create relaxed clothing that encourages self-expression. Any and all clothing will be unisex. I strive to never limit. Throughout this wearable art adventure, my goal is to be as sustainable and ethical as I can be. In order to achieve this, the products will be of a limited quantity. I encourage you to use the product in your own unique way - create in it, dress it up for work, wear it on a night out, wear it to bed, whatever suits you. This is an emergence of abstract expressionism and modern day wearables. The abstraction should be embraced and perceived by each customer exclusively. I believe that every individual is beautiful, together we are an open canvas.

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Mairead Zigulich