Mairead Zigulich-Moments With Mairead
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My works are formed through a gestural process, typically looking at a picture, a mirror, or by simply closing my eyes. Aspects of the human portrait are expressed through bright colors and intricate lines. I draw inspiration from studying the unconscious mind. I am intrigued by how our daily behaviors are influenced and by what drives us as humans, consciously and unconsciously.
My paintings are created using acrylic paint, india ink, paint markers and water. I strive to blend together what is real and what is imaginary, in contrast to our perception of it. 
I believe in the benefits of art therapy. When utilized to its full potential, art acts as a psychological release of emotion. I thrive from creating something out of nothing, while being able to fabricate my emotions into something visual and tangible.
My goal is for the viewer to be touched by the artwork, in the hope that they are able to find a piece of themselves within the lines. I aim to quiet the audience’s mind, allowing them to be still, providing them the opportunity to pause and reflect, if even for a moment.